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Who is Cat Clark?

About Me!

Who doesn’t dream of being their own boss? On the cusp of turning 30, I thought – ”What’s stopping me?” 


For the past five years I have worked in various non-profits, from a museum to an economic development organization, helping organizations raise funds via government (federal, state, and municipal) grants, private foundations, corporate and individual giving, organizing fundraising events, as well as social media and digital giving campaigns.


During my short five-year fundraising career, I have helped these organizations raise over $10 million in funding. While an amazing accomplishment, there’s so more to be done for other organizations out there – such as yours!


Whether you’re a non-profit, small business, foundation, or community group – I’m here to help your organization reach its full fundraising potential, reach (or surpass) its goals, and thrive in delivering its mission.


So, how can I help you?





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